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The Great Christmas Light Fight - Rockin' Around the Rooftop
   December 4, 2014
How many total lights?

If you can count how many you have, you don't have enough.

Narrator:..Battling it out for $50,000. christmas!

It's a national christmas-lights competition like never before.

[ Heartbeat thumping ] [ cheers and applause ] whoa!

Secrets of the Earth - It Fell From Space
   December 4, 2014
:59:59)< cause more damage.

So managing the numbers at that point would proba >> ironically, the ultimate cause of the problem is that by conquering the globe, the seas and the skies, mankind has unleashed these animal invaders.

Now, mankind seems almost powerless to keep these invasions from irreversibly changing nature's balance, altering the face of planet earth forever.

River Monsters - Face Ripper
   December 4, 2014
I'm jeremy wade -- biologist, extreme angler, monster hunter.

I've traveled the world to solve seemingly inexplicable freshwater deaths, uncovering monstrous culprits lurking below the surface.


Now I'm on the trail of the most brutal attack I've ever heard of.

Chernobyl Diaries
   December 4, 2014
- Bye, la. - bye, la.

- Here we go.

- My friends are morons.

- You better be careful.

You might end up in the tower of london.

- Criminal.

- Ta-da!

[laughter] [indistinct] [PA announcement] - And here in front of us, we have the beautiful danube river.

30 Rock - Hiatus
   December 4, 2014
God's sakes, Tracy, where are you?

Starting a new life.

Because of the Black Crusaders? That's crazy.

Will you marry me? No.

I took that job.



[coughs] And cough.

[coughs] And cough.

[coughs] Okay, now let's start the examination.

Raising Hope - Say Cheese
   December 3, 2014

Oh, hey.

Can't believe you have Shrinky Dinks.

I used to love to make these.

You draw on the plastic and you put it in the oven until it shrinks into a little-- I don't know what you'd call it-- a dink, I guess.

Key Capitol Hill Hearings
   December 3, 2014
S so well under the david dinkins's administration.

We reap the benefits of that type of policing today.

Every police department in the nation, one way or another, they get federal money, federal funding.

The Great Christmas Light Fight - Drive-Thru Display
   December 3, 2014
Dance it out, kids!

--Captions by Captions paid for bydiscovery communications >>> this holiday season on "the great christmas light fight".

>> Light fight is on.

>> Die hard christmas fanatics across america battle it out in a series of epic light fights.

The Almighty Johnsons - Everything Starts With Gaia
   December 3, 2014
- In the space of, what, a day, you managed to turn millions of dollars into a bunch of deadbeats on bicycles?

- Yep, pretty much. - ugh!

- nothing.

- Have you noticed how weird she's been since she got back?

Secrets of the Earth - Animal Invaders
   December 3, 2014
>> Rip currents are among the most dangerous of the planet's hidden hazards.

Together with whirlpools and land converging with water.

A union that more often creates life and nurtures it.

But in the process, land and water also generate death traps, among the most unexpected secrets of the earth.

River Monsters: The Lost Reels - Himalayan Giant
   December 3, 2014
Iologist and extreme angler.

His life's passion is investigating the myths and legends that lurk in our rivers, lakes, and nightmares.

But long before he was the host of "river monsters," jeremy searched for freshwater monsters well off the public radar.

Raising Hope - Dream Hoarders
   December 3, 2014
♪ Every gal in Constantinople ♪


Hey, how was work?


The Gittlemans are remodeling, so they put all their old stuff out on the curb for the help to fight over.

Almost got my hands on a combination TV/VCR, but their exterminator blasted me with ant spray.

Noticias 14
   December 3, 2014
El país, incluyendo, auckland tras la acusación de un policía blanco por causarle la muerte a un afroamericano que quedó grabado en vídeo.

Limpieza, luego de que las lluvias causaron estragos en toda la bahía.

>> Los requisitos para beneficiarse de la acción ejecutiva, son varios pero hay noticias univisión 14, comienza ya.

Raising Hope - Dead Tooth
   December 3, 2014
Good morning. I was just making sure you were still breathing.

You are...

in case you were wondering.

I'm sorry your first couple days here have been a little rough.

Not only do I have no idea what I'm doing, but my parents had me when they were 15, so they're pretty much clueless as well.

Key Capitol Hill Hearings
   December 3, 2014
Arking lot outside the school and said stay right here the president will talk to the pool.

Said their light cameras in the cafeteria.

A person has to speak there.

You want to scare the children but he did go into the cafeteria.