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George Lopez - A Funeral Brings George to his Niece
   September 30, 2014
makeover difference.

Hi ma'am Hi Would you like to have a free makeover?

Yeah, why not?

Who doesn't love a free makeover?

There you go.

It's a shower.

It's a shower.

But it's a shower with new Dove body wash, with its new breakthrough formula all it takes is just one shower For softer smoother skin.

Check It Out - Health
   September 30, 2014
Jazz plays ] [ news music plays ] >> Dr. Brule: "I stare in the water at my own sweet reflection.

And I feel a feeling of warm, sweet affection.

Why doesn't my body do the things that I want?

For lack of exercise is surely " by beverly dingus. a poem.

You're Whole - Tools; Drawing Comics; Spin Class
   September 30, 2014
>> Mandersohn: Do you want you can get it.


You can get it.

What about losing weight?

You can lose all your weight.


Just ask these people.

>> I got the money I needed.

Thanks, randall.

>> I got the love I deserved.

Three's Company - Paradise Lost
   September 30, 2014
Not bad.


You think maybe it should be just a little bit shorter?

Yeah, I like it up around chin level, up here.


Would you stand up for a second?

What for?

Just stand up, please?

What? Thanks.

The Suite Life on Deck - A London Carol
   September 30, 2014
Please donate to the needy children.

( gasps ) Thank you!

Look, bailey, our first donation.

Oh great.

Wow, you look really hot.

Thanks, cody, but I don't think that's something you say to someone who's just a friend.

Perricone MD Cold Plasma Sub-D
   September 30, 2014
Guthy renker.

When you look at yourself in the mirror, does your neck look older than your face?

>> The texture just looked like crepe paper, like someone, you know, wrinkled it and gave it back to you.

Paid Programming
   September 30, 2014
5 billion people living in chronic pain.

Don't let pain deny you the life you deserve.

Join hundreds of thousands of omega xl users that have chosen to fight inflammation and get rid of pain.

Now they're living life to the fullest, thanks to omega xl, the all-natural anti-inflammatory that has more AVAILABLE OMEGA-3s THAN Regular fish oil.

Grave Diggers
   September 30, 2014
to show off your books, ... transform your closet...or spruce up your outdoor living areas.

With Kreg, you can build storage for your laundry room ... or for your garage, or even put a custom shelf in the kid's room!

Kreg makes it possible to build all these projects, and when you build it with Kreg, you build it better...

Body Beast
   September 30, 2014
S is real, as real as it gets.

We're gonna learn, we're gonna sweat, we're gonna have fun, and we're gonna see results.

>> Before body beast, I was just soft and chunky and -- and pudgy, and this is the "after" result.

Tommie Copper
   September 30, 2014
Along the way, it's helping a 21-time rodeo champion stay on top of his game, a world-class triathlete return to the top of the podium, a 21-time olympic medalist recover faster from knee surgery and pursue her passions, a pioneer in m martial arts capture her first world championship belt, a high-school girls softball team repeat as best in state, and the fastest american w those half his age.

This apparel is unique because copper znergy provides uv and odor protection, while our compression brings natural soreness relief and recovery to the places that need it -- knees, elbows, wrists, lower ankles.

Designed to harness the inner power of our body to recover naturally, tommie copper's original energywear is the new intersection of wellness and performance.

Roseanne - Inherit the Wind
   September 30, 2014

I guess so.

We're only having hamburgers.

Do I look any older?

Jimmy's a junior.

Who's jimmy?

He's in high school.

Excuse me.

Jimmy meltrigger's the varsity quarterback.


No taking the snap on the first date.

Robot Chicken - PS: Yes in That Way
   September 30, 2014
[ Thunder crashing ] [ electricity crackling ] >> it's alive!

>> Aaaaaaaaah!

I don't know how to express my feelings!

>> I hit my head in the bathroom and had the inspiration to draw this!


Hit your head in the bathroom, doc?

Robot Chicken - Dear Consumer
   September 30, 2014
>> I suppose your presence here means I made the naughty list.

>> We don't mind a little mischief, jayden.

Flashing your wee-wee at the maid -- that's one step too far.

>> And where is my mother?

[ Sighs ] I see.

Henry Rifles - Made in America
   September 30, 2014
Time offer, you must call the number on your screen now to get started.

The preceding was a paid presentation for body beast, brought to you by beachbody.

>> Male Announcer: The following program is a commercial presentation of total gym fitness.

George Lopez - The Kidney Stays in the Picture
   September 30, 2014
you're doing just fine.

Sir, this is on us.

Sorry the wings were so hot.

Oh, no, dear. It wasn't that they were too hot.

Much earlier.