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WEN by Chaz Dean Revolutionary Hair Care System
   September 19, 2014
This is the break-through concept in cleansing and nourishing hair without using shampoo that has everyone, even hollywood celebrities buzzing!

And why wouldn't it?

St look what it does for their hair!

Tenkai Knights - Dragon Cube
   September 19, 2014
hat seems to be the hurry?

These blocks, or whatever you call 'em, what are they?

And how come we gotturned into robots?

And what's that weird planet we saw?

We really need someanswers and we need them now!

SportsNet Central
   September 19, 2014
A report due to overwhelming media intert concerning a incident back at ray McDonald's house in may.

The police were previously called for an incident to his house involving ray and his fiance this was three months before he was arrested for felony domestic violence in august t report from the san jose police department , a disturbance occurred a couple was in an argument when the female became upset and held a gun at her side when the male subject informed that the female was going to call 911, she put the firearm away and fled without incident the female subject did not make a threat or point the firearm at the male both subjects were identified and contacted.

We know that in the original report, neither of the parties were specifically named.

Six Star Knife Set
   September 19, 2014
program Ronco.

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Welcome to Showtime's Great Knife Giveaway Show.

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Sexy Face at Any Age
   September 19, 2014
r: SO, WHY DON'T You look as young as you feel?

[ Discordant chord plays ] >> Female Announcer: The problem is hormonal aging -- a fact of life that happens to all women.

As we age, our hormone production slows down, which leads to less estrogen in our bodies, ultimately causing a decrease in collagen production, resulting in fine lines and wrinkles, uneven skin tone, loss of elasticity, and dull, dehydrated skin.

Octonauts - Adelie Penguins; Coconut Crabs
   September 19, 2014



--Captions by VITAC-- Welcome to antarctica, the coldest place on earth. brr!

It's too cold for pirates.

But not for my cousins, THE ADELIE PENGUINS. (beeps) I can't wait for you to meet them.

Instant Mom - Chore Money, Chore Problems
   September 19, 2014
- Name two times.

- I clean up after myself, stephanie.

- Sweetie, stuffing your dirty towels under your bed does not count.

- How's marie gonna know they're dirty unless they're under my bed?

- We have a system. don't mess it up.

WEN by Chaz Dean Revolutionary Hair Care System
   September 19, 2014
On a little secret.

I don't use shampoo anymore.

That's right, I don't use it at all.

So why does my hair look this healthy and shiny?

Because now I use wen.

I mean look at this hair.


Who doesn't want more volume?

SportsNet Central
   September 19, 2014
>>> Right now on "sportsnet central.

>> Police release a report that shows that this was not the only me that police were called to ray McDonald's house for a domestic dispute.

>> We have highlights and reaction from oaklan >> and as the giants close in on a postseason berth, we will check in with the dodgers.

Paid Programming
   September 19, 2014
Corned beef and cabbage up to 10 times faster?

How about chicken cacciatore from frozen to the dinner table in under 25 minutes or a seafood feast in under five minutes?

And barbecue lovers, pay attention.

Octonauts - Marine Iguanas; Dwarf Lanternshark
   September 19, 2014
[Alert sounding] octonauts to your stations!




♪ Yay yay yay ♪





the oconauts and [vegimals chatter] tunip, this red seaweed will be a yummy treat at the seaweed feast this year.

Legends of Chima - The Legend Thief
   September 19, 2014
LAGRAVIS: In the magical world of Chima, the animal tribes stand united and defend Mount Cavora from Chi-stealing bats and spiders.

In the savage Outlands, Laval and friends rescue two Legend Beasts, but five remain trapped.

Who is this Rhino girl that stowed away on Rogon's truck?

Hangin' With Mr. Cooper - The Dance
   September 19, 2014

Ooh, you got the tickets!

oh, I can feel it.

Ok, I see a large crowd, ..

I'm getting some words here.

"R-a-i"--raiders! raider tickets!

That's it! raider tickets! raider tickets!

Raider--no, ballet tickets. ok.

   September 19, 2014
For hours a day and never get a hot-looking booty.

>> I can't even tell you how much money and time I've spent on trainers.

>> I just did my squats, thinking that's just gonna fix the whole problem.

>> Announcer: But there is something you can do.

Who's the Boss? - Daddy's Little Montague Girl
   September 19, 2014
An open road and aroad that's hidden, a brand new lifearound the bend.

Nights are long but you mightawaken to a brand new life, brand new life, a brandnew life around the be.

-Go, baby.

Out there.

-Dad, keep it down.