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Who's the Boss? - Marry Me, Mona
   October 30, 2014
and a time for living.

You take a chanceand face the wind.

An open road and aroad that's hidden.

A brand new lifearound the bend.

brand new life, a brandnew life around the bend.

-Tony, isn't my bride beautiful?

Surgeon General Candidate
   October 30, 2014
>> Hello, I'm alan pratt, your host, and you are watching a very special edition of " has it become more difficult to recall names as quickly as you used to?

Do you struggle to find the right word, or maybe you find yourself walking into a room or a store and forgetting why you wenthere in the first place, or, worse, forgetting whether you locked the doors at night or turned off the stove?

Well, today's broadcast is all of mental decline.

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   October 30, 2014
There are many different are you with the right company?

Do you wonder if you could save no coverage you have now, this program will give you the information and facts you need, so you can make a smartlan benefits now available from my name is sam and I'm going to tell you about exciting plans available plans that give you the same freedom you have now, plus may save you money on monthly premiums and 00 on average, on their but this you need to make some decisions.

Even if you're perfectly happy with your current plan, I'll show you why it may be smart to humana is a fortune 100 company with more than 25 years' experience in the company's reputation is built on solid coverage and reliable service humana has all-in-one medicare advantage plans design call the number on your screen at any time to request this plus, we'll also send you medicare it's the clear and concise dvd that simplifies what can be a there's no gation and both the book and the humana plan for jim and I has personally and in every positive way you can think of, it's helped us okay, I'm going to give you the facts and details about humana as i tell you each benefit, think about your current medicare coverage and how it compares.

Lilo & Stitch - Yapper
   October 30, 2014
♪ I laila 'o kaua'i la ♪

♪ no malihini ohana ♪

♪ welcome, cousins, a-come on by ♪

♪ aloha, e komo mai ♪

maka maka!

♪ I laila 'o kaua'i la ♪

♪ aloha, e komo mai ♪

♪ aloha, e komo mai ♪

King of the Hill - Earthy Girls Are Easy
   October 30, 2014

Fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.

Captioning sponsored by 20Th century fox television Remember our old percolator?

Now,thatmade a cup of coffee.

If you want to open up that can of worms, let's talk about the old can opener.

Holiday Guests
   October 30, 2014
I know my carpets were filthy.

G cide-prone.

It's unfortunate.

>> This constantly having to clean up, and it was just stink, and it was really bad.

>> Using a vacuum cleaner, it was just really getting the surface out, so it wasn't really deep cleaning.

George Lopez - Weekend at Benny's
   October 30, 2014
Oh, my god.

You know what?


We're gonna give you guys a minute.

We'll just be in the living room.

[ Engine turns over ] [ tires screech ] @vgHxh Oh well, I had plans, but I guess I can help you out.

21 Day Fix
   October 30, 2014
And I feel amazing!

>> Announcer: Introducing the trainer and fitness expert, autumn calabrese.

>> It's no secret that america eats too much.

Even too much of healthy food can pack on the pounds.

Let me show you how my color-coded containers help you eat the right satisfying portions of the foods you love.

Lovemaking Secrets!
   October 30, 2014
I mean, literally, after the age of 20, certainly after the age of 30, and doctors say over the age of 40, over half the men have low t, which is an acronym, low T is our modern-day action hero, testosterone.

But it's not only testosterone, testosterone we could say is the king hormone, but we have what we call the gonadotropin's.

The gonadotropin's are produced in the hypothalamus in the pituitary gland, and they're so important, because that's the big head communicating with the little head.

Lilo & Stitch - Mr. Stenchy
   October 30, 2014
Girl: Hey, there's lilo.

Way!her to come?

wanna see my new-- no.

I didn't even say it was yet.

The answer is still no.


If you don't want to see the cutest thing ever-- you think bugs are cute.

I bet whatever it is it's ugly.

Who's the Boss? - Model Daughter
   October 30, 2014
You know what that means?

-No boots?

-No boots.

Come on.

-OK, I'll take them back.

I'm gonna make some other size six very happy.

TONY: Go ahead.

-You're going to buythem for her, aren't you?

-I am not one of those indulgent fathers.

The Cleveland Show - Pilot
   October 30, 2014
of being a minor league scout for a professional baseball organization.

Who's gonna run that deli you never go to?

When you sell Boar's Head, it pretty much runs itself.

So, I put in a call to my old batting instructor, Mr. Joe Torre.

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   October 30, 2014
Annihilating even the toughest, greasiest of messes.

Dirt is then lifted aw shark microfiber pad.

>> It is a completely different experience.

Never had floors as clean as this.

>> Announcer: Shark steam is so effec 9% of disease-causing germs, coli, salmonella, and even the viruses that cause h1n1, so you can have peace of mind knowing you have a healthier environment for your mily.

George Lopez - Benny and Randy
   October 30, 2014
Oh, man, tough.

You know, we could walk a little bit on our feet, and nobody would know.

God would know.

You're one of those, huh?

So why are you here?

There was a horrible flood.

My entire village was lost.

Airbrushed Beauty
   October 30, 2014
They're all along the sides of before I started using luminess, I'd just given up.

There wasn't anything that was gonna cover it, anyway, so i just stopped using anything.

I'm ecstatic about luminess.