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Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins
   August 23, 2014
♪♪♪♪ [TV show theme] [Woman] Lights, camera, access.

[Woman #2]Yes, it's true.

The master of midday TVgoes prime time.

Talk show host Dr. R.J. Stevenshas popped the question to Bianca Kittles, recent winner ofSurvivor: Kiribati.

The Spy Next Door
   August 23, 2014
Captioning made possible bylions gate entertainment ["secret agent man" by johnny rivers playing] ♪ there's a man who leads a life of danger ♪

♪ to everyone he meets, he stays a stranger ♪

♪ with every move he makes ♪

Hot 20 Countdown - Operation Inspiration
   August 23, 2014
>> It's going to be beautiful, it's going to be chaos.

>> Put it all on cmt.

>> Hello everybody, welcome to cmt's hot 20 countdown, your vip pass to country music!

I'm cody alan.

>> And I'm alecia davis.

Catfish: The TV Show - Mike & Kristen
   August 23, 2014
>> We made a few love ..

>> Feels amazing.

>> And even did our fair share of mending broken hearts.

>> I'm so happy every day when i wake up now.

[sniffles] >> Suddenly, the idea of catfishing--hiding who you really are to hook someone into ..

The Golden Girls - Long Day's Journey Into Marinara
   August 23, 2014
This has been the nbc nightly news with tom brokaw.

Stay tuned for our next program in progress.

Gosh, wasn't that story about the heart transplant amazing?

Oh, I wasn't paying attention.

I was fantasizing what tom brokaw looks like naked.

Flip It to Win It - Unfinished Super Sized Home, Flipped for a King
   August 23, 2014
Did she say "rats"? No, she said "cats." We can hear a couple words here and there.

I think she said "cats." [ Laughing ] No, she said "rats." You just don't want to believe it. No, I think it's "cats." If there are rats, we're not purchasing this.

Yes, we are. We're gonna bid on this home.

Breadwinners - Thug Loaf; Mine All Mine
   August 23, 2014
- But can't we just deliver them tomorrow?

- Naw, man.

Nobody wants day-old bread.

[both sigh] [alarm quacks] - Holy guacamole, all right!

We got another order!

- Ninja roll, cartwheel, somersault, flip!

   August 23, 2014
[Overlapping radio and television transmissions] [different transmissions fade in and out] [crash test dummies' god shuffled his feetplays] [mister mister's broken wingsplays] ChallengerMission Control: It's obviously a major malfunction.

[Flock of seagulls' I ranplays] [theme fromdallasplaying] .. ♪

The King of Queens - Ice Cubed
   August 23, 2014
On that footsie thing?

Yea or nay?

Captioning made possible by sony pictures television ♪

captioning made possible by sony pictures television well, darling, I'm off for my walk.

Oh, dad, you know what?

Teen Titans Go! - Dreams; Grandma Voice
   August 23, 2014
-(CAT BURPS) -Oh, kitty!

Joy! (GIGGLES) (Meows) (GIGGLING) I'm having the best day!

(Cats meowing) Oh, kitty! Meow, meow, meow.

(Sloshing) (footsteps) (startup music playing) (mysterious music playing) Booyaah!

Sanjay and Craig - Shirts Off; Middle Shame
   August 23, 2014
Oh, yeah.

- Wow.

Anatomically correct tufflips pjs with footsies?


- all: [cheering] - Let's go get our freedom.

- Uh-uh-uh.

Where do you think you're going?

- Well, see, me and my friends took our shirts off and-- - oh, no, you don't.

Dog With a Blog - Karl Finds Out Stan's Secret
   August 23, 2014
The secret I'm referring to is, I know your dog stan can talk.

Stan can't talk.that is ridiculous, karl.

Isn't that ridiculous,tyler?

Yeah, you mightas well say that we have a bearwho cooks grilled cheese sandwiches.

Buy gold, at-cost!
   August 23, 2014
Mint director philip n. diehl.

And this is a great honor, because I'm the only journalist allowed in to this invitation-only conference to meet with former director diehl and his staff of some of the industry's top gold experts to discuss not only the current state of the economy but the importance of owning physical gold.

>> Announcer: Just a few short years ago, the average american lost over 1/3 of their entire life savings in less than one year.

Wyatt Earp
   August 23, 2014
[ Music ] [ music ] >> Morgan Earp: They just moved coral, down by flies.

>> Virgil Earp: Looks like ike and billy clanton.

the McLaurys, ..

Maybe more.

>> Wyatt Earp: Let's go.

[ Music ] [ music ] >> morgan, take care of mama for me.

Mickey Mouse - Potatoland
   August 23, 2014
Well, goodbye.

Donald wait.

Wait for what?

Hey! I'm sorry, Donald.

But we didn't drive four days without stopping or eating to not make Goofy's dream come true.

And we're not going anywhere until it does.