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Wizards of Waverly Place - Paint by Committee
   October 22, 2014
[man] Hey.

Welcome to the Freedom Tunnel.

Are you guys painters?

Well, no. But as you can see, I am an artiste.

My medium is fabric, seasonal fruits, and cuddly creatures.

That's cool. Your art sounds delicious and fuzzy.

The Suite Life on Deck - Double-Crossed
   October 22, 2014
It to planet bikini.

Bring on the babes.


( gags ) Yikes. ow.

How do I get back into space?

Stupid gravity. ow.

( theme music plays ) - What's going on?

- Guess what huge star is getting onboard our boat.

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air - Papa's Got a Brand New Excuse
   October 22, 2014

Yo, man, you ever feel like you was being watched?

All the time.

But when you look this good, you have to get used to it.

When you talk that stupid, you have to get used to this. ow!

Come here. come here.

The Suite Life on Deck - Starship Tipton
   October 22, 2014
Yeah, so then I snuck into the pump room and turbo-charged the wave pool.

Yeah, that wasn't funny.

You know, moseby's gonna be ticked.

Oh, please, he'll never figure out it was me.

( robot voice ) Zachary martin.

The Boondocks - Ballin'
   October 22, 2014
guy Yeah.

We need to sell it.

Hi. Need an appraisal?

Yeah. We do.

VO: When selling your car, start with a written offer, no strings attached.

CarMax. Start Here.

I started using Old Spice deodorant and body wash, so I can finally real like a smell man and have hot water lady, woman, motorcycle, zazzz, repeated, 369, meatballs, helicopter, briefcase, tacos [Old Spice Whistle] >> What's good?

October Quest: SportsNet Central
   October 22, 2014
Long time.

Ight of baseball in all regards.

What a game.

>> Totally you come out scoring early, scoring fast, getting the lead for madison.

His high energy got them through, and they win 7-1.

>> Just like our keys.

How I Met Your Mother - Something New
   October 22, 2014
♪ Do, do, do ♪

NARRATOR:Kids, 2013, we were all tying up loose endsbefore the big wedding.

I was right herein this very room, putting the finishing toucheson the house.

Oh, come on!

NARRATOR:Barney and Robinwere wrapping up rehearsal for their first dance.

House Hunters
   October 22, 2014

I win.

[ Doorbell rings ] --Captions by VITAC-- Closed Captions provided byScripps Networks, Llc.

You gonna break?

You can break.

Oh, you wantme to break?

Go ahead,big guy.

I'm Paul.And I'm Octave.

Gold Rush: Pay Dirt - New Blood
   October 22, 2014

Other year of my life working for him.

I need to be with a crew who can get some serious gold.

This is my chance at a new beginning.

Right here under this glacier is a great big pile of gold.

All we got to do is dig it up.

Everybody Loves Raymond - Marie and Frank's New Friends
   October 22, 2014
[music stops] [heartbeat pounding] [Beethoven'sOde to Joy] - All right, they're here. let's do this.

what about the other guests?

- What other guests? everyone's here.

Do you have the mortgage?

- Yeah. here we go.

Squidbillies - Dead Squid Walking
   October 22, 2014

Created by the best perfume designers in the world, to compliment your style.

Experience Axe. Redesigned.

[ Static ] [ country music plays ] >> ♪ my dreams are all dead and buried ♪

♪ sometimes I wish the sun would just explode ♪

The King of Queens - Shear Torture
   October 22, 2014
Game announcer:AND NOW, THROWING OUT THE Ce broadway starbernadette peters!

[Loud whap] wow. bernadettebrought the heat!

They should probablytest her for steroids.

you see reese witherspoon last week?

Storage Wars - The Gutfather
   October 22, 2014
>> Let's ride the bike.

>> It's not gonna happen.

>> Get on, mama.

>> Danny, we're already late as it is.

>> Yeah, we've been late for 20 minutes--come on, babe.

>> No, no, no, no, no, no, no.

I don't want to mess up my hair.

Inside Notre Dame Football
   October 22, 2014
Respond >> they have to win tomorrow we talked about it with st.

Louis, after the giants win the louis, they have to win game two there's no way you come back from 2-0 in this situation and you go back to san francisco for game three the only way they do that is if they get solid starting pitching they have a young guy tomorrow in ventura who came out with a stiff shoulder you wonder how he will be tomorrow they used their long guy tonight.

It all begins with starting pitching if they can get a solid performance out of ventura, they have a chance to win the game tomorrow we'll see what time of character they have in the clubhouse tonight I believe was the biggest win of the series.

Good Luck Charlie - Duncan vs. Duncan
   October 22, 2014
And now for the finishing touch-- pancake smileyface gets a cherry nose.

That's so cute.

Is that for charlie?

Uh, yeah, for charlie.

Thank you.

Hey, honey, I've got some great news.

There was a bedbug infestation at this really nice hotel downtown-- bob, it is amazing what gets you excited.